Water Color Wheel

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Penguin Scratchboard





Paragraph-In this project I found a image of a penguin in mid jump. The steps we went through was the basic of finding the picture and copying it to a piece of trace paper. We then put heavy graphite on the back of the trace paper where we wanted our pencil lines to show up. We then place the image up on a scratch board then traced the image on the board. After, we then scratched out all the parts of the image which we wanted to be white. In the case of my image, the penguins skin, eye, feet, and parts of the glaciers were black. The snow and most of the background was supposed to be white. However, some of the scratching did go as expected. I was slowly learning how to used the tools and I scratched too hard in many of the places of the image which caused the black to stay in the image; luckily the black that stayed can match the rest of the image. If I were to redo this I would probably take more time to gently scratch the black parts out and so that it looks smooth rather than scratched up in an angle.

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2 Point Perspective

This is my one point perspective drawing of the chapel. I was unable to finish the bottom part with the trees and remaining pillars and I was not able to start the shading part of the drawing. This is mostly because I drew the picture itself too small, and tried to put way too much specific detail which consumed the majority of my class time. I tried to finish the tower details outside of the classroom after school, but was still unable to have a detailed finished product. The successes I had with this project was that I was able to accurately form the correct vantage points and angle the lines so that they would meet those correct vantage points outside of the image. Another, success I had was that the measurements of the lengths and widths of certain objects were fairly accurate to what I wanted, but they probably should have been much larger to fit the specific detail that I attempted to put in the drawing. Failures I encountered was I had incorrectly measured the size of the basic structure which threw the hole picture off and at that point I had to reset and re-measure for a whole class period. If I did not make this mistake, I probably would have been able to finish with ease. I think for what was done with the picture is fairly good for someone who has never taken a drawing class before.

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One Point Perspective Final


This is my complete draft of the one point perspective, and I am confident with my results. However, I probably should have angled a few of my lines differently so they go to a specific vantage point on the page. I could have also made the end of the room smaller because it would have allowed me to fit more of the ceiling. Other than this the only problems I had in this drawing was the constant erasing. The success I had were the shading, I was able to shade things properly and the overall picture came out much better than expected.

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Chapel Drawing



This is my Chapel Drawing when I needed to turn it in. This is not completely done, there are several details I need to add before this is done and I can get full credit. My difficulties in this project were making everything level and the same size. If I would not have used a ruler I would have failed this project. It was difficult to make the basic shape of many of the structures as well. This took much of my time and one of the reasons why I was unable to finish. Successes I encountered were the accurate angles I had on the structure. By Friday I hope to post the finished product of this chapel drawing.

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One Point Perspective 3

Perspective Drawing-San Spirito Church drawing

  • Artist Coonie Nelson


    Dimension:three dimensional

    Media of each work:pencil

    Why you chose it:I chose this because it looks very detailed and has more than one example of one point perspective.

    What attributes of the reference image do you plan to emulate and integrate:

    I wish to possibly emulate the view point of this pointing rather than going completely in the middle it has a turn to it.

    Some interesting Background Info about the artist(s).This artist runs her own website where she teaches others how to draw various types of pieces.

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One point perspective 2



Dimension:three dimension

Media of each work:Pencil sketch

Why you chose it:I chose this because I think it was more interesting than just the basic boxes of one point perspective which we see so often.

What attributes of the reference image do you plan to emulate and integrate:Attributes that I would wish to emulate in this picture is the distance and various shapes that are in one point rather than just a box.

Some interesting Background Info about the artist(s).This artist although it does not provide a name, seems to be a school teacher because this picture was on a Page for a school. However, it could also be one of her students.

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One Point Perspective

Artist-Leonardo Da Vinci

Title:The Last Supper

Dimension:This is 3 dimensional

Media of each work:Tempera with oil paintings

Why you chose it:I chose this painting for this assignment because Mr. Nelson told me to. However, this is a great painting.

What attributes of the reference image do you plan to emulate and integrate: Attributes I wish to emulate in this one point perspective painting is possibly the way he had the windows and walls in the one point perspective.

Some interesting Background Info about the artist(s).Leonardo was a great inventor and artist of the times of the Renaissance and has several paintings such as The Last Supper which are popular today.

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Third Post on Grid Project

This is my Grid Project when I was required to turn it in, it is not all finished, I still need to add several minor details to the building and grass. The all over Project gave me several successes and failures, for instance the first time I began to cross hatch gave me problems and did not come out how I wanted it too. The pens also gave me problems at some points because they were damaged. Successes I encountered was adding detail where it was needed. I hope to finish this over the weekend in order to get full credit.

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This is my begging to ink the image

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